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What is AROC

An AROC is a licence to operate a radio in aviation environments.

What does AROC stand for? Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (original name ARCOP)

Who needs the radio licence? Anyone operating a radio in conjunction with an aeroplane, helicopter or anyone on Aviation frequency. Airport personnel, Helipad landing officer. (HLO) Drone (UAV) operator.

Does a drone operator need one? Anyone operating UAV for a commercial purpose must have the certificate. However, it is strongly recommended for private users as well.

How long does an AROC course take? It depends on the student's preparation, previous experience and the size of the class. However, most participants finish between 3 - 5 hours.

Where can I attend the course? In all capital cities either in our classroom environment or the customer's selected venue. However, for larger classes, we also come to your mine site anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

How much does the AROC certificate cost? An AROC course is $490 including all charges. $400 if you already have the ELP (English language Proficiency). Every 5th person in the same class is free of charge.